How A Crazy Person Writes

I’m going to keep this post blissfully short as the post I’m about to direct you to is very, very long. Regular readers of the site1 will not be shocked to discover that I use a wide array of tools to get my writing done. Over time, I shared and described the benefits of several of these apps, but it wasn’t until Gabe Weatherhead at Macdrifter invited me to participate in his excellent Writers Workflow series that I was forced to take the time to try and tie my entire process together.

For those who enjoy the geeky details of this blog and would like to better understand how an idea goes from getting captured in Simplenote on my iPhone to getting ready to be posted on this very site, this is the post for you.

A very special thanks to Gabe for lowering the standards of this amazing series2 and forcing me to take a step back from each individual applications and share what really matters: a process that has helped me to better execute my ideas.

  1. Especially those who have enjoyed the Techie Scheky series.  

  2. I mean Federico Viticci’s post came right before mine  

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