Goodbye Workflowing

As part of my desire to get back to getting better, I decided to end Workflowing (formally Mikes on Mics), my weekly podcast on 5by5 with Mike Vardy.

Despite all of the truly horrible things I say to Vardy on a weekly basis, I’ve loved recording this show with him and look forward to the occasional guest spot on his new Productivityist podcast. It was also an honor to be a small part of both the 70Decibels and 5by5 podcast networks.

I’m extremely proud of the final episode and hope you decide to give it a listen. We talk a lot about why we decided to wrap up the show and why I wanted to get back to writing here on the site.

In addition to wrapping up the Workflowing podcast, I’ve also shut down the Workflowing website (essentially, I’ve rid myself of anything I ever did with Vardy). All of the Workflowing posts have been moved over to this very site. For those who were unaware of the project, you can find all of my Workflowing posts here.

For those of you who will miss my regular ramblings on productivity and self-improvement, keep an eye on this site. While I plan to focus on writing for the time being, I have a few audio experiements in mind for the future.

As friend of the site, Patrick Rhone has said that saying no is actually saying yes to other things. I’ll miss catching up with Vardy, I’ll miss all of the feedback from listeners, but it feeels right let Workflowing go in order to say hell yes to writing here once more.

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  1. Hi Michael- I am so glad you are back to writing! This is the first time I have opened my RSS feed in a few months and for some reason I went straight to your blog 1st. I know we are mostly all strangers but those of us who have been longtime listeners of your podcast regard you as a friend (albeit the really popular one who isn’t aware you exist- yet!) I share similar struggles as you in life (I even had a newborn baby in the NICU for a few weeks with a blood infection) and discounted how the stress of life can squash creativity and productivity. The stress was not an excuse for not “doing” it was a real physiological problem (and still is) for my brain and productivity to not always be at its best. Like you, GTD and structure gets me through, and recognizing the importance of kindness to oneself. That means taking time for yourself without the guilt and striving to be better without beating yourself up over your perceived past failings. You are a friend to many of us (even if you don’t know it) and we will all greatly miss hearing you each week. I also think it is awesome you are friends with people like Patrich Rhone and Chase Reeves! Great people to have on your side and as sounding boards.

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