Getting Started or Just Getting Better With OmniFocus

Of all of the applications on my Mac, there are few I use and depend on more than OmniFocus. It sits at the core of my workflow and has helped me significantly improve the way I approach my work and life.

OmniFocus has been a game-changing application for me, but it comes with two costs: a fairly hefty price tag and a steep learning curve. Having spent my money and my time, I can tell you that both expenses have paid significant dividends for me. More than any application that I’ve tried (and I tried quite a few along the way), OmniFocus has proven to be a powerful and flexible tool that best suits the way I like to work. It has allowed me to adapt it to my workflow rather than trying to force me into the application’s point of view. As the way I work has evolved, so has the tool.

For those who have been looking for a better approach to task management, there’s never been a better time to give OmniFocus a shot. As they prepare to release OmniFocus 2.0, they’ve decided to make the current version of available at no cost until the new version is available. You can find all of the details here. This extended free option should provide more than ample time to see if OmniFocus is for you.

OmniFocus Resources

If you’re looking to make the most of this trial, here are a few free and paid resources you should consider to help you get acquainted or get more out of OmniFocus.

David Sparks’ OmniFocus Screencasts

This three video series spans nearly four hours and is the resource I used to get familiar with the essential features of OmniFocus. David provides an over-the-shoulder look at how he uses OmniFocus, while showing off several of his favorite power user features. These videos are a great way to get familiar with OmniFocus, especially if you’re struggling to get your head around the essential functionality of the application. You can watch the entire series of videos for free here.

OmniFocus Premium Posts from Asian Efficiency

This newly released paid product from the team at Asian Efficiency is ideal for those looking to up their OmniFocus game. Thanh and Aaron offer up tactics and philosophies that aim to save you time and offer peace of mind while helping you get more done. It’s a comprehensive product that comes loaded with additional audio bonus material. Where David’s videos are meant to give you a thorough overview, OmniFocus Premium Posts looks to provide you with a cohesive workflow. There will also be free updates to this guide when OmniFocus 2.0 is released. You can purchase OmniFocus Premium Posts here.

Creating Flow with OmniFocus by Kourosh Dini

An alternative premium product geared towards new and existing users alike. Kourosh’s Creating Flow ebook (and audiobook) is one of the most commonly cited resources for improving at OmniFocus. While the Asian Efficiency borrows from GTD, it does not adhere to it. Creating Flow, on the other hand, is the perfect resource for those looking to align David Allen’s popular Getting Things Done methodology with OmniFocus. You can purchase Creating Flow with OmniFocus here.

The OmniFocus Setup

For those who plan to attend Macworld, the OmniGroup (the team behind OmniFocus) are offering a day of 1-on–1 setup appointments on January 31st. In addition to the hands-on help, the day will included several speakers including Merlin Mann, David Sparks, Mike Vardy, Thanh Pham, Kourosh Dini, Sven Fechner and yours truly in order to help you make the most out of OmniFocus. For more on The OmniFocus Setup, click here.

If you’ve been considering checking out OmniFocus, there’s never been a better time or a better group of resources to help you get more done.

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