Getting My Workflowing

For far too long, I’ve wanted to align more of the work I’m doing. This is especially true of what I create for the web. At the moment, I write for this site, I co-host a podcast with Mike Vardy and collaborate with him on a newsletter (and since that isn’t enough, we also have a second podcast associated with said newsletter). In theory, each project has an identity of its own, one that needs to be nurtured. In reality none of these identities are being managed particularly well.

All Over The Place

I’m spread too thin, this holds true for much of my life, but it’s especially true on the web. It’s a mess of my own making and it’s one I need to start cleaning up. I’m taking the first step towards bringing more of my work together; I’m also not doing it alone. Today Mike Vardy and I are introducing Workflowing.

What is Workflowing? I encourage you to check it out for a deeper look at why we wanted to create this and what we intend to do, but at its core it’s a site that aims to do a better job at helping people to actually do better.

Darn You Patrick Rhone

While we are introducing Workflowing today, we’re not officially “launching” it until later this summer. Rather than working in private, we plan to continue to develop the project in public. Those who have listened to the latest Mikes on Mics episode know that I’m somewhat obsessed (read: very obsessed) with Patrick’s recent launch of Minimal Guides. In the span of a week he took a question on and turned it into the first in a series of guides.

He also did much of the work in public, which helped shape and improve the end result. He worked hard, he worked out in the open, he encouraged feedback and, in the span of a week, turned his idea into something tangible. It’s a project that continues to improve as we speak. We’ve been inspired to follow Patrick’s lead. There’s still a lot to be done, but Workflowing is no longer just an idea; it’s something that exists and will now continue to evolve. We hope you’ll follow along.

So… What Does This Mean For A Better Mess?

As of today, not much. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been writing a ton of “how to” posts. It wasn’t intentional at first, but I’ve already been changing this over to a slightly more personal site (or at least focusing more on the personal aspects of my own attempts at self-improvement). A Better Mess is not going away; it is however becoming a Workflowing project. One that I’m very proud of and passionate about. It will continue to remain as active as ever. Some things will make their way over to Workflowing, but if you enjoy the site today, I expect you’ll enjoy it tomorrow.

And What About The Rest Of Your Projects?

For the time being, we’re looking at Workflowing as an umbrella for all of the work that Mike Vardy and I create. It will also serve as a place to share the work that helps and inspires us. Over time, things may change, but as of today A Better Mess, Vardy’s Productivityist and Mikes on Mics will continue.

Rather than maintaining separate social media accounts for each project, everything will now be shared and promoted under Workflowing. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, ADN and Google+ (that last one was Vardy’s idea). To help things along and help align things we will be shutting down Mike Techniques in favor of focusing our energies on making Workflowing the best that it can possibly be. Subscribers should have already received an email from us explaining what comes next.

We have big plans for Workflowing. I encourage you to check it out and see if what we’re working on has the potential to help you do better.