Get Taken To Task

The Mikes on Mics Podcast with Mike Vardy and Michael SchechterFor those looking to either up their game or get acquainted with task management, Mike Vardy and I have you covered with the latest episode of the Mikes On Mics podcast.

We do a far amount of comparison (read: bickering) between Mike’s task manager of choice Asana and my beloved OmniFocus. We also talk a fair amount about how to get started and why we believe that any level of task management software is beneficial to being more productive.

You can check out the latest episode here and feel free to subscribe in iTunes or Instacast to ensure you don’t miss future episodes. You won’t want to miss Monday’s new episode as we welcome our very first guest, Myke Hurley of the 70 Decibels network, to the show for an episode of “How Packed Is Your Mac?”

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