Four Things I’m Excited For In 2012

five things to try, four things to look forward to, three confessions, two amazing people and the one last thing to start the year off right.The Final Five: my countdown of, yep, you guessed it, the final five posts of the calendar year. And what a better way to wind down 2011 (read: phone it in while I’m on vacation) than some 2012 lists! Tune in all week long for

While I’m certain there will be tons of surprises, there are already a few things that I cannot wait to see or see more of in 2012.

  • Books – Even though I focused more on blogs, ebooks and manifestos in yesterday’s post, there are still several books I’m looking forward to next year. At the top of the list are the release of Patrick Rhone’s Enough which I think is a must read for those of us trying to get our head around the wealth of options that modern life offers (more on Patrick later this week). Austin Kleon’s How To Steal Like An Artist, especially after reading this excellent overview of the concepts that will be covered in the book1. I’m also really looking forward to Yuvi Zalkow’s first release, Not In My Lifetime no matter how often he tells me I shouldn’t. Yuvi’s work, especially his video presentations, had the largest impact on me out of anything I discovered in 2011. He drove me to be far more honest and perseverant in my work, even when that meant throwing myself under the bus. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for both the book and the promotion surrounding its release.
  • Podcasts – I don’t think I can express how much I took away from the podcasts I listened to in 2011 and how much I’m looking forward to more from a few of my favorites in 2012. My love affair with podcasts really began with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin’s Back To Work. While this series won’t be for everyone (it can go very off topic and be very random), it’s beyond helpful to an ADHD mess such as myself. While Merlin was initially known for tips and tricks, this podcast shies away from these and ask you to examine hard questions about the choices you make and the direction you are heading2. I’m also looking forward to more of Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley’s twice-weekly Enough. It is a perfect mix of the geeky and the grounding. It offers tools to improve and constantly reminds you not to get carried away by said tools. I could go on forever, but you should also check out Roderick On The Line, Productivardy, Mac Power Users, Six Pixels of Separation and the WTF podcasts.
  • Networks – I’m a big believer that 2012 will be the year of networks. That there will be a lot more of the type of collaborations we are already seeing from Read & Trust, the 70Decibels podcasts and the 5by5 crew. After years of going it solo, I think people are really beginning to find their compatriots and are looking to work even more closely with them than ever before. I’m seeing amazing growth and amazing work in the few networks I’ve been following. While I could be wrong, I think we will see an explosion of groups of individual entrepreneurs, writers, and artists who are working closely to help move each other’s work forward. I’ve already gone on a longer rant about this that you might also want to read.
  • Family – I’m also really excited on the family front. Even though she isn’t sleeping at all3, our baby girl will turn one in the middle of the year, and our big girl will turn five at the end of the year. Hopefully my wife will continue to indulge in the difficulty that is living with me, my brother will enter his thirties (welcome sucker), my mother will leave enter a new chapter in her life with a new home and new lifestyle and I expect to be working more closely than ever before with my father in our family business. It’s been an interesting and often chaotic few years for my family as we all have settled into new lives. I’m anxious to see what we all do now that we’re settling into a rhythm.

That’s what has me excited, more importantly, what are you looking forward to next year?

  1. as well as the reprinting of his Creativity is Subtraction print  

  2. Note: Even though I’m excited for new episodes, I really suggest you start from the beginning with this series; it’s not the friendliest to those jumping in mid-way through.  

  3. This isn’t relevant at all, I just needed to vent…  

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