Five Favorite Quotes for Week Ending Jan. 21, 2011

Every day, I steal (I mean share… yeah!  Share!) my favorite quotes from my weekly reading over at  To spice things up, I plan to share my five favorites here each week, all year long!  Be sure to click the links and read the full posts, these are smart people saying really smart things.

“It is not enough these days to simply question authority, you’ve got to speak with it too.” – Taylor Mali (Hat tip to Shelly Kramer)

“All the strategy and planning in the world sometimes can’t trump human curiosity and a desire to try something new.” – Erica Allison (Hat tip to Gini Dietrich)

“If you want more out of something, put more into it.” – Phil Simon

“Predicting the future of the Internet is easy: anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will.” – Chris Dixon (Hat tip to Fred Wilson)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

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5 Responses to Five Favorite Quotes for Week Ending Jan. 21, 2011

  1. Some great quotes Michael,I find quotes can be inspiring when you’re in need of a boost.I once heard an investor say to his client “Money has no emotion, suck it up and move on” lol, I found that one funny, and very true.Cheers,Troy

  2. Thanks Troy!  The Smarter Than I Am site actually started out as a quick and easy way to bookmark things, but I'm surprised how often I find myself peeking back for inspiration as well.  Love that investors quote… words to live by!  Or at least, words to have a lot less grief because of :)

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