Evernote and Editing

I love it when smart friends make cool things. This week there are two new projects that I believe to be worth your time.

Evernote Essentials – The Definitive Guide To Getting Started With Evernote

I’ve always said that I use Evernote “wrong”. To me, it’s mostly a very smart filing cabinet. To many, it’s much, much more. While I may only chose to use aspects of it, Evernote is a powerful tool, especially when you know how to wield it.

Evernote Essentials 3.0: If you’re looking to get more out of Evernote (or want to use aspects of it better), you want Brett’s comprehensive guide . As I said yesterday, you can’t buy a workflow, but that you should look to those who make the most out of applications and learn from them. When it comes to better ways to do better work in general, there are few more sensible than Brett Kelly. When it comes to doing more with Evernote, there’s no one better. If you’ve been looking for a way to get more out of the app or aren’t quite sure where to get started, you’ll want to check out the latest version of Evernote Essentials. And since Brett is crazy, if you buy Evernote Essentials once, you get free updates, forever.

CriticMarkup – Plain Text Change Tracking

I love writing in plain text. I love the simplicity of it and the fact that I know that years from now, I will have little to no compatibility issues with the words I create. I love Markdown for the ability to format my documents in a way that make it easy to post my thoughts to the web. What I don’t love is the need to take my beloved plain text and place it inside of an application like Microsoft Word whenever I need to collaborate with others on edits. As my writing grows, the need for feedback from others grows along with it.

CriticMarkup: To date, the best way to do this is to take something that is future proofed and move it into an application that isn’t. Fortunately there are smart people like Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess who are hard at work on the problem. Much like Markdown looked to make it easy to format plain text for the web, their newly released CriticMarkup looks to make it possible to use plain text for change tracking. Gabe and Erik are doing it right. They have released tools for apps like BBEdit, Sublime Text, they’ve created macros and snippets for Keyboard Maestro and TextExpander, they’ve also created OS X System Services and a Command Line Preprocessor (although I’ll admit, I have no idea what that last one is). This is early days, but I can see this being highly useful for those of us who use plain text, especially as the syntax is finalized and integrated into applications. It’s worth a look, even if just to see the polish and thought that Gabe and Erik put into their projects (you may remember that they also created NerdQuery.com).

Both of these are great projects being created by great guys. If you’re looking to do more with Evernote, check out the latest version of Evernote Essentials. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to collaborate on text outside of Microsoft Word (and if you aren’t, please do), take a look at CriticMarkup. It’s worth it if only to support guys like Brett, Gabe and Erik, who create useful things for those of looking to do better work.

Note: This post includes affiliate links, because I’m shameless and stuff…

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