Don’t Go Dark. Do Something.

From Gabe Weatherhead at Macdrifter:

Banners and Cartoons are not going to create the change most internet users want. I know it’s not something I care to waste time on. Instead, I’m gathering links and writing this post. Here’s some things that will actually make a difference.

  1. Donate to EFF
  2. Donate to Wikipedia (Wikipedia is down today in protest)
  3. Stop giving money to companiesthat support SOPA or PIPA
  4. Talk to people about what’s going on
  5. Call a representative. A lot.
  6. Support representatives that oppose this garbage
  7. Campaign against representatives that support SOPA and PIPA

As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I’m not a massive fan of today’s blackout protests. Instead I tend to lean towards speaking out and offering financial support when an issue matters to me. If SOPA and PIPA really matter to you, take some of the steps Gabe suggests. Speak out with both your actions and your wallet.

Also be sure to visit today. Instead of going dark, he is shining a light on those who support this nonsense.

6 Responses to Don’t Go Dark. Do Something.

  1. We are on the same page about this. I tweeted earlier that the people who went dark are not the people that needed to be reached about SOPA and PIPA.

    I told the Occupy people that I found their protest to be relatively useless too. When you make noise people tune it out. Car alarms used to be effective and then people got used to the sirens, shrugged their shoulders and moved on.

    Want to make something change? Do something, be active.

    • I’m glad it got a lot of media coverage, but I agree, we mostly spoke to ourselves and everyone I know who isn’t a techie still doesn’t understand the implications. Besides, it will be interesting to see who cares and who cared today.

      If people tune you out because you make noise, I can’t even begin to imagine what they do when you start your protest by tuning yourself out…

  2. “Banners and Cartoons are not going to create the change most internet users want.”

    Re: #2: giving money to clowns doing that is really no different from doing it yourself.

    • The EFF wasn’t behind the strike. Their name isn’t on They’ve been at this a while and will continue to be now that the cartoons and banners have come and gone.

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