Doing More Of What You’re Meant To Do

Actually Getting Big Things Done is a series of guests posts on how to make things happen from those who know how to… well… actually get big things done.

Today’s contribution comes from Myke Hurley of the 70Decibels podcasting network. Hurley is a friend and a hero. I admire the hell out of the work and the man. Now right about now you’re probably wondering, “um… where’s the post?” Fair question. You see, initially when I asked Myke to contribute to the series, he said no. My first instinct was that he was being a jerk (I kid because I love), but once he explained his reasoning for turning me down, we had to go about things a little differently.

You see, Myke’s big thing is making great audio content and, well, writing a post for me is not going to help him get any better at doing that. Myke has this crazy idea that the best way for him to improve at creating great audio content is to, well, attempt to create great audio content. So that’s exactly what we attempted to do. To hear Myke’s thoughts on the subject of actually getting big things done by doing more of the thing you’re looking to do, you’re going to have to take a chance on one of my “things,” the Mike Techniques newsletter and the complementary podcast. The good news is that it’s free and you can subscribe to get ahold of the podcast information here.

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