Do You Feel Stuck In Your GTD System?

Who is this for? Those who are considering reworking or rebooting their personal productivity system.

From Erik Hess on Generational podcast:

If you’re stuck in a system, you have to get used to working within the limitations of that system.

This was a great conversation on considering and reconsidering your GTD system. The only addition I’d make to Erik’s point is that you also have to get used to the limitations of whatever system you create for yourself.

A perfect system is an unlikely goal. If you’re seriously reassessing or refactoring the way you work, focus on making things better. Some aspects of the way you work will continue to be imperfect. Embrace that reality, determine how to work through the rough spots and get back to work.

And if what you end up creating sounds “wrong” to others… well, then just heed the wise words of Gabe Weatherhead from the same episode:

Whatever’s working for you, keep doing that thing.

Be sure to give the full episode a listen.

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  1. GTD is totally awesome for all those who wants to be more productive. I’ve tried before other taskx management systems and it didn’t work exactly what I expected. After GTD implementation I became more effective and productive, now I have time for my family. For GTD I use Evernote and SmartTM app this combination works really great for me.

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