Did The iMac Get An Update Today?

While there was no actual update to the iMac line, Devir Kahan made a great point:

This really seems like the first real professional-grade portable machine. This is the sort of thing that really makes me consider going laptop only (with a Cinema display for at home).

I’ll take this one step farther and question why I would ever consider going desktop again now that this much power meets this much portability (other than the obvious answer of price).

Things have been heading this direction for a while and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the iMac just yet. But once the cost of both the MacBook Pro Retina and the Cinema display begin to drop, I can’t see why anyone would consider an iMac.

Today saw the end of the MacBook Pro 17″ and the death rattle of the Mac Pro, but did we also witness the beginning of the end of the iMac?

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