Time for a fun little conspiracy theory…

After the Apple event there was a lot of talk about the staggering amount of leaks and spoilers relating to the iPhone 5. With the exception of the anodized metal on the black phone, little was left to surprise and delight. And surprise and delight are what we’ve come to expect from Apple product launches.

The sheer volume of leaks has led to several jokes about Tim Cook’s previous comments about doubling down on secrecy. I see why people would poke fun at this, but I also have an (admittedly fanboy-ish) theory as to why we were treated to everything there was to know about the iPhone 5 before we were supposed to know it…

We’ve been so busy looking at what the left hand is doing that we’re not paying as much attention to the right. It’s potentially a classic case of misdirection.

When you compare just how much we knew about the iPhone 5 to how little we’ve seen of the iPad Mini (and just how much confusion there is with the future of Apple TV), you have to at least question if Cook knows exactly what he is doing.

Once their products get to a certain stage, Apple becomes a far more iterative company than a revolutionary one. Since there was so little to be surprised about (larger screen, thinner phone, better battery) why not use that information to throw people off the scent? Let’s face it, one of the best ways to keep a secret is to make it seem like you can’t keep any.

I could be wrong and Cook could be struggling to plug all of the leaks, but we’re suspiciously light on the secrets that we’d really like to know. Now this could just be that there’s nothing to talk about and rumors of an October unveiling of iPad Mini are just that: rumors. But I can’t help but hope and wonder if the real surprise and delight is just beyond a bit of misdirection.

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