Conversation Agent: 12 Things I Learned at the Inbound Marketing Summit

1. Everyone is a blogger – what happens offline is just as important as what happens online – Tim Hayden (@GamePlanHayden)

2. Every business is reactionary – brands talk about two-way conversations, but they don’t really engage – Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee)

3. What will work in the future is what worked in the past – strategy trumps tactics – Rich Ullman (Ripple6)

4. We’re in social media because we do crave contact with other people – we’re inherently social John Jantsch (@DuctTape)

5. Your Web site is not a brochure anymore; it’s a living and breathing thing, refresh it frequently and people will come back – Jason Falls (@JasonFalls)

6. The function of social is bottom up, it’s not about top down control, so there is a natural tension – Greg Matthews (Humana)

7. Trust in mainstream media is eroding – the media organization that survives will be much smaller than what we used to have as a model. This is becoming a market of small, engaged, and trusted entities and communities. Paul Gillin (@PGillin)

8. Social media was made for Southwest Airlines – the company has always focused on customer communications Paula Berg (@PaulaBerg). Southwest handpicked 30 employees, uses the blog as the anchor of their social media activities.

9. Every industry has a difficult time justifying ROI. There’s a lot of fear about doing social media and so people are using ROI to push back – Brian Solis (@briansolis)

10. We need to get over what we were taught in school. Look at Google, everything is always in beta – Paul Gillin (@PGillin)

11. Businesses that are in a multi people sale and complex industries still love content that will make them smarter – Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogan)

12. Give your community something to do – a company that has already 150,000 fans on Facebook, for example, needs either educational or entertaining (ask them) content – C.C. Chapman (@CC_Chapman)

I am still coming back down to planet earth after 2 days of having my brain overloaded by awesome ideas at Inbound Marketing Summit (#ims09 for those in the know). Eventually I will get through my notes and post some of my favorites (though I am working on a huge super secret project through Tuesday).

Here are some of Valeria Maltoni from Conversation Agent’s favorites! As a teaser, I also want to share two of my favorite notes from Valeria’s talk.

Ask your customers, “In exactly what ways do we suck?”


People worry about bad comments, what about no comments…

  • Robyn Hawk

    Excellent info – sounds like a really worthwhile event…LOVE #5 and #12