Cleaning Up My Digital Crap

As I go through the process of cleaning up this site, I’ve stumbled across the mess I’ve made all over the internet.

Like many who got into Social Media fairly early, I tend to have a lot of accounts. It was a time of experimentation, excitement and if I am being honest with myself, outright fumbling. At the time, no one knew which sites would rise to the top. Those of us who were just getting started (read: me) didn’t know who would win and created far too many accounts.

Once the passion for Social turned into an interest in blogging, things actually got worse. Over time, there have also been iterations of a personal blog, a professional blog, a niche blog. And the best part, I didn’t even know how to blog yet1. The end results have matched the effort.

As I work to restructure and refocus this blog, I am finding it extremely helpful to get rid of the digital excess. There are carcasses of blogs and Social Media accounts that are rotting out there on the web. Sure, it is easy to ignore, but in the back of my mind, there are always projects that I am neglecting.

While it is never a fun thing to admit, there can occasionally be an imbalance of ideas vs. actions in my life2. It’s something I’ve been striving to course correct over the past two years and this online purge is a necessary step. I want to implement more of less and that starts by cleaning up my mess so I can focus on what’s important.

Posterous blogs, Tumblelogs, a MySpace account and more will die as I shift from a broad approach at digital to more a far more targeted approach. They were all started with lofty goals and I will be sad to see them gone, but I look forward to getting a lot more of a lot less shipped. Thankfully, as I like to constantly remind my three-year-old, once you clean up, you can actually play in your room again.

How about you? Have you made a similar mess or have you managed to keep a healthier balance between starting and maintaining?

  1. Hell, I’m still learning  

  2. Thanks to Danny Brown for putting that into perspective this week  

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  1. I am all over–like cake mix in the hands of a 1-year-old! Looking forward is so much easier. Thanks for the post.

  2. Case in point – just created a DISQUS account b/c I wanted a picture for my comment below. BLAMMO

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