Check out the Mikes on Mics Podcast!

Now the astute amongst you will notice two things (well only one if you’re reading this by RSS):

  1. I’m forgoing my regular Quick Quotes Weekly.
  2. There are some subtle changes here on the site.

Both of these anomalies are in service of something that I cannot wait for you to check out. My friend Mike Vardy, a well known “productivitist”1, and I are starting the aptly named Mikes on Mics podcast.

What’s it about? It will be a weekly conversation between two techies as we talk about striving to live a more productive life. Well, Mike strives and I struggle, but I digress… It will be a mixture of tips, tricks, tools and tactics, but we also want to take steps back to look at the bigger picture. We want to give context as to how productivity fits into our work, our hobbies and most importantly of all, our families.

So why the hell am I doing this? It’s a fair point and to be honest, it started as a sarcastic remark on Twitter to Mike Vardy. He jumped on the idea and I finally admitted that it was something I’d secretly been considering for a while. It also really jives with my personal goals for the year. My three words are Build, Connect and Deepen and this project strikes all three chords:

  • It gives me the opportunity to make something using many of the techie skills I’ve picked up over the past year,
  • It will allow me to drag several of my amazing internet friends on and hopefully expose more of you to more of their great work.
  • Best of all, it will allow me to deepen my relationship with listeners and guests of the show. It also lets me continue to grow my budding friendship with Mr. Vardy2, someone I’ve always respected and have quickly grown to trust.

Speaking of, who the hell is Mike Vardy? I’m glad you asked! Mike is a seasoned and consummate podcasting pro, which makes up for my amateurish ways. His resume could easily fill a post of its own, but you can currently find his personal writing at and he is one of the two editors over at Mike’s a fellow believer in the power of productivity done right3 and is a generally all around good guy4. If you aren’t already following him, you should be.

And why is there a need for yet another productivity podcast? Great question! Unfortunately you’re going to have to listen to Episode Zero, the aptly titled “Dear God, Not Another Productivity Podcast”, to find out why.

Our first official episode will post on Monday, but in the meantime, it would mean the world to me if you’d give Episode Zero a listen and subscribe in iTunes. We’re just getting our legs underneath us, so bear with us as Mike gets me over the podcasting learning curve. I have a feeling there are going to be several interesting conversations and amazing guests along the way. I hope you follow along.

  1. It’s a thing, look it up… actually, I just looked it up and it turns out it’s not a thing…  

  2. He makes me call him that.  

  3. And by done right, we mean that all of this prep inevitably leads to you actually doing something.  

  4. Or at least his dark side or inner diva hasn’t quite emerged just yet.  

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