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The Productivityist Workbook

Who is this for? Those looking for some introductory thoughts, tips, tools and tactics on better managing their ideas, time, email and tasks.

From our very own Mike Vardy:

Becoming more productive doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t require an incredible amount of time spent searching for answers and reading numerous “how to” posts. It doesn’t need to overwhelm you. You can improve your efficiency and effectiveness using simple ideas and simple actions.

You can pre-order today through May 14th to get additional bonus materials.

Multiple Calendar Entries with Drafts and Fantastical

Who is this for? Anyone who has ever gotten an email or text with multiple calendar events (read: anyone with a non-technical partner or co-workers).

Great solution from Eric at Geeks with Juniors for converting a list of events in Drafts into individual entries on your calendar in Fantastical.

Hat tip to James Gowans who points out that this might also work with other apps as well.

Update: James modified this action to work with Drafts and Due as well. Click here to add this action directly into Drafts.