Building The Perfect Computer

From Patrick Rhone:

The idea here is to slowly, methodically, and purposefully build the perfect computer. Perfect in this case is subjective. Perfect is what is exactly right and enough for you. Just as mine is for me. The Mac is a great foundation on which to build this exciting new future. Have fun!

My natural inclination has always tended towards excess, to try out yet another app just because I think I should.

Lately, I find myself more and more enchanted with Patrick’s idea of enough. finding just what you need to do whatever it is you want/need to do. No more, no less. While my own breed of “enough” will always likely tend towards more, I’m finding that success is coming faster as my system feels lighter.

My perfect computer will never be minimal1. It just isn’t in my DNA, but lately I’m finding that I can achieve less. Just as I may never be perfect2, but I can certainly be better.

If you’re just starting out with the Mac, read the full article over on MinimalMac, it will show you just how powerful the machine can be right out of the box. Then again, if you are looking for a few power apps to make life just a little easier, I’m happy to oblige with a few suggestions of my own.

  1. Although I envy the hell out of guys like Patrick who strive for this.  

  2. I’m still holding out hope that my computer might.  

5 Responses to Building The Perfect Computer

  1. Didn’t realize you were a ‘techy’ – nice. I discover things my MAC can do all the time, was late to realize for example, it could easily compress and ZIP folders. Also new to Evernote, a lot of other tools. I’d not consider myself a ‘minimalist’ techgeek, more of a ‘necessity –> invention’ and when I need a productivity shortcut or fun tool, I’ll look for one but otherwise don’t add too much. FWIW.

    • Yeah, I’m a geek. I a maximist who has great envy of minimalists :) Have you ever read any of Patrick Rhone’s stuff? You’d probably love it!

      I’m utterly disorganized by nature, so this whole process has been out of necessity for me. That said, it’s like building up a scaffolding. At some point I’d like to strip some of it away.

      • At times I think I’m an analog person in digital geek’s clothing; I love the simplicity of the computer and yet, there are so many things I’ve never heard of or tried… until someone makes it so easy I have to make the shift.

        • That is the one thing I’ve really tried to do with my approach to this whole thing. Make it as minimal as possible. My computer feels so much lighter, yet I’m using more apps than ever to achieve it. The last thing I’m looking to do is add bloat (I have plenty of that in real life :) ).

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