Bridging The OmniFocus and Evernote Gap With Keyboard Maestro

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A few weeks back I explained how I get all of my crap into OmniFocus. While the Quick Entry Box and Clipper accommodate most of my needs, there was one area that wasn’t quite as seamless as I would have liked. The OmniFocus clipper works flawlessly with both Safari and Mailplane, but it isn’t the best when linking to “notes” in Evernote.

Thankfully Keyboard Maestro proved to be the perfect way to swiftly create a task that includes a link back to Evernote “notes” using the clipper in OmniFocus. A single keyboard command will copy the note link in Evernote, open the Quick Entry box for OmniFocus, paste your link in the notes field and return you right back to the first entry field. The macro works regardless if you’re working with a single note in its own window or if you’ve selected one or more notes from the main application.

Thanks to some help from Keyboard Maestro extraordinaire, Gabe Weatherhead of Macdrifter fame, I’ve even gotten it so that it will add any highlighted text to the notes field in the OmniFocus Quick Entry Box. It functions exactly like the real Clipper.

Keyboard Maestro Macro for OmniFocus and Evernote

If you’re an OmniFocus and Evernote user and have been wanting the apps to play a little nicer, click here to download the macro.

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8 Responses to Bridging The OmniFocus and Evernote Gap With Keyboard Maestro

  1. […] A while back I shared the way that I use OmniFocus to create tasks with links to a specific email, file or website. Shortly after, I followed up with a way to use Keyboard Maestro to overcome a shortcoming of the Quick Clipper in OmniFocus in order to create tasks with links to specific “notes” in Evernote. […]

  2. I could be doing something incorrectly, but this doesn’t seem to function for me. The hotkey it came with, command-shift-O, was already my clip to OF hotkey; disabling that, however, seems to copy info from EN but not send it anywhere/activate OF. Any ideas? Would love this!

  3. […] including email messages. Over time I’ve also created “hacks” that let me add links to Evernote notes and nvALT files using the clipper. (I also have a super geeky one that lets me automatically send […]

  4. I just tried this with OmniFocus 2, not surprisingly it doesn’t run at all. But it gave me the idea to use a macro for this, so I created a simple one that simply copies the evernote note link into the omnifocus 2 quick entry notes field, then moves cursor control to the task title in that quick entry window. Not as full functioned as the one above purports to be but it works. I’m happy to share it if someone would like to use it.

    • I would be very interested in this. I’ve been banging my head on how to get the note link into OF. The only requirement I have is that it needs to be the classic note link not the link that opens my web browser.

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