Better Gmail and Evernote Integration with Powerbot

Who is this for? Those who use the Gmail interface for email and calendaring, but store files, notes and agendas in Evernote.

I currently use Mailplane to send email threads to Evernote, but for those who live in their browser Powerbot for Gmail takes things to the next level. You can save new and received email messages to Evernote with ease. You can also attach notes to an email without having to leave the Gmail interface. It’s pretty slick.

There’s also Powerbot for Google Calendar. It lets you create a template for your meeting notes or agenda in Evernote when creating or accepting a new calendar event.

There is one downside, Powerbot is only available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If – like me – you use an application like Mailplane for email or Fantastical for scheduling, you won’t be able to take advantage of this integration between Gmail and Evernote.

Here’s hoping that Powerbot has future plans that look beyond the browser.

Hat tip to the Evernote Blog

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