Apple in October

On the back of yesterday’s conspiracy theory, I thought I’d go a little bit deeper down the rabbit hole. I will likely look foolish come October, but what’s the fun in armchair punditry if you aren’t willing to risk eating a bit of claim chowder.

October Will Be About More Than The iPad Mini

The iPhone is days away; new iPods have been announced; a new version of iTunes has been previewed and the iPad Mini almost certainly waiting in the wings. But let’s face it, as much as the iPad Mini will be a killer product, there just isn’t going to be that much to demo. Or will there?

October Will Also Be About Content

In both 2010 and 2011 the iPods were released within days of their announcement. This time around, we need to wait until late October, the same rumored timeframe as the iPad announcement. So why wait? Perhaps it’s about prioritizing the iPhone rollout or waiting until the entirety of Apple’s iOS offerings are available, but it’s also possible that we’re yet to see what could be their killer feature: the long-rumored subscription streaming music service.

iOS 6.1

Some, myself included, have lamented the lack of any additional marquise features in iOS 6. While there are several really nice touches and iterative improvements, it’s likely that the need to completely redo maps required a lot of Apple time and resources. While what we’ve seen in iOS 6 well very may be it, what if a subscription streaming (ala Spotify or Rdio) is the killer feature we’re yet to see. It would explain the resurgence of rumors that Apple is talking to the labels again (although they’re always “talking to the labels” about streaming services), it would give Apple something new and exciting to showcase while introducing the iPad Mini, it would explain the delayed release of the new iPods and would really take advantage of the new iTunes redesign.

Until October

John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who is far better informed than I am (especially when you consider that his info is likely based on sources and mine is based on mild neurosis), seems to think that October will have an education theme, but I just can’t imagine that’s what Apple would want to focus on right before the holidays. I’ll almost certainly be wrong, but I just can’t help but believe that the unexpected is still yet to come.

We may have seen the Turn (as MG Siegler put it) at the September event, but I for one still think the Prestige is yet to come.

Do you think Apple has something big in store for us? Or will the same element of surprise be absent when Tim Cook (allegedly) takes the stage this October?

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