App-solutely Not | From JCK Magazine

If you’ve ever downloaded an app on your iPhone, you’ve probably thought, “We need one of these for our store!” Apps are fun and easy to use, and the best ones get a lot of attention. Considering that a third of U.S. citizens now carry a smartphone and that mobile Web traffic tripled in 2010, creating an app for your business seems to make sense. However, in a ­jeweler’s long list of digital marketing priorities, the coveted app should rank relatively low.


It’s that time again! Time for JCK Online to let me talk about the ways that technology and Social Media are impacting the jewelry industry. For the March article, I wanted to touch on one of the hottest online trends, the app. More specifically, I wanted to tell you why creating a custom iPhone or Android app is probably the wrong move for your business. Give the full article a read and let me know what you think!

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