About Me

Michael Schechter HeadshotMy name is Michael Schechter and I am currently the Director of Retail Marketing for HONORA Industries, a New York City-based jewelry company focusing on Freshwater Cultured pearls. I have spent the past eight years working at HONORA in a variety of capacities and until recently, I worked as the Director of Bixby Designs.

Currently, I serve as the Chairman for Gen-Next Jewelers, a group I co-founded.  GNJ aims to develop social, yet informative venues that help to bridge the gap between the next wave of jewelry retailers and manufacturers.

I started this blog shortly before the end of 2008 in order to prepare for our upcoming corporate blog.  In addition to familiarizing myself with the blogosphere, I hope to use this as a method of sharing a little of my own life with any readers who might be interested. I aim to provide insight gained from my personal and professional experiences.

I was raised in Roslyn, NY, studied business at the University of Vermont and I now live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with my beautiful wife, our increadibly cute one-year-old daughter and our energetic puppy, Ammey.