A Wish For Mailbox and Dropbox

While on the subject of fantasy apps, Dropbox acquired iPhone email startup Mailbox today. At the moment, all this seems to ensure is that Mailbox will continue to have the resources and talent it needs to continue creating a world class email application.

While I’m tempted to rattle off my wish list for Mailbox, I find myself thinking bigger.

Take the storage capabilities of Dropbox and add in the fact that Mailbox already needs to pull your emails onto their servers. Then combine that with real talent and resources. While you’ll certainly get a better email application, this could also lead to a better email service.

What Mailbox is able to accomplish using the labels in Gmail is impressive, but limiting. A lot more becomes possible when you’re actually building a better inbox, rather than a better app on top of it. While it’s unlikely that this will come to be, it’s enjoyable to imagine what could emerge if both teams decided to push the limits and blend the benefits of their services. We just might find ourselves with a real alternative to Gmail…

Once again, it’s fun to dream.

Check out our Mike on Mics interview with Orchestra CEO Gentry Underwood from earlier in the year to learn more about Mailbox and their future plans for the app. Congrats to Gentry and the team at Orchestra, this acquisition is well deserved.

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