A Whole Lot of ADHD

I was honored to be a guest on Brett Terpstra’s excellent new podcast, Systematic. We take a pretty deep and somewhat scattered dive into our respective experiences with ADHD. I’ve talked a lot about ADHD here on the site and on the Mikes on Mics podcast, but I just love where this conversation went. It touches on the good, the bad and most importantly the realities of living life with slightly crossed wires.

The episode almost didn’t happen as Brett was exhausted, but I’m really glad he stuck it out. It helped us both let our guards down and talk honestly about something that isn’t always easy to talk about and probably isn’t talked about nearly enough. Thanks to Brett for inviting me on, I’m really proud of what came out of our conversation.

Regardless if you have ADHD or not, I hope you listen to our conversation on procrastination, creativity, self-doubt, Tesla, Apple and Twitter (we’re ADHD, did you even think there was even a small chance that we wouldn’t stray way off topic at times?).

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  1. It was a great show. Interesting, honest and thought provoking in unexpected ways. I was personally struck by your individual comments on creativity. I’d like to hear you both in conversation more often. Thanks!

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